First day

So today was my first day in Cange, where I’ll be spending a few days before getting settled in in Saint Marc. Cange is inland, whereas Saint Marc is on the coast. The scenery is quite different here in the mountains – greener and less congested than Saint Marc, but minus the views of the sea. It’s less “buggy” here as well, which is nice, and two of my friends from this summer are working here, so that is also a plus. It has been great to see them.

It was reassuring today to see some quite normal pediatric patients being treated in quite familiar ways (babies on amp and gent for a sepsis rule out, PCN for strep throat, etc.) though not everything was totally run-of-the-mill. For instance, the TB patients hanging out on the first floor of the pediatrics ward were a switch! The wards were relatively empty for the holiday, but I’m told by Monday it should get busy again.

The weather has given us quite a break – it is cool enough to warrant a sweatshirt tonight! I am glad I brought one along. Yes, Haiti is usually hot, but tonight there is a chill in the air. The chilly weather seems to have helped to bring a bit of quiet to the evening. A nice break. I’m going to take advantage of the lull and get to sleep early. Tomorrow is a new day.

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