One thing that I love about moving is trying out region-specific foods.  Just about anywhere I’ve lived has its own specialty, from Spiedies in Binghamton to such PA Dutch treats as chicken and waffles in Danville.  I will admit I’m not much of a chowder person, so Boston’s namesake soup held little appeal, but Boston creme donuts are always tasty!

The food here in Haiti has different flavors but also different timing; the cooks here at Cange prepare two meals a day.  Breakfast, served at 7-ish each morning, was eggs yesterday, cream of wheat today – each day with toast and fruit to accompany them.  There is hot coffee, and some sort of fruit juice.  All together it is a satisfying meal and a good way to start the day.  Meals here are something of a social affair, which is a very nice switch for me after dining alone in my apartment in Boston for the majority of my meals over the past 6 months.  It is nice to have a sit-down time to chat and discuss plans for the day.  Lunch/dinner happens around 2pm and is another nice time for socializing and catching up on the happenings of the day.  Rice and beans are a common theme for dinner, with some meat and vegetables usually making an appearance.  Yesterday there were meatballs, today it was a stew.  Sides have included squash, corn, mayi moulen (corn-based dish similar to polenta), and fried malanga (similar to taro.)

As many of you are, I’m used to having a third meal of the day, but for now two big meals seems to be working out okay.  I have brought along protein bars to act as a third “meal” (or a second on days when the food might not be something that agrees with me.)  I have promised my mom that I won’t waste away, and those bars will help.

I am thankful to have such good meals here, particularly when I see so many kids with malnutrition in my work every day, and while I may not always care for the selections (e.g. I’ve learned that goat can be great or not-so-tasty depending on how it’s prepared) I know that we eat like kings compared to many of the folks I will encounter here.

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