Not just yet

I had originally thought I’d be moving to Saint Marc tomorrow, but as it turns out I’ll be in Cange for an extra week. This is good because it gives me more time with the doctors who are orienting me to pediatrics in Haiti, and I get to spend more time with my friends here. I know two of the folks here from Boston; one was in my Haitian Creole course this summer, and the other was in my global health summer program at HSPH. They are both great people and I am excited to share time with them and hear about their experiences in Haiti so far. The other people here are great too, but there’s nothing like a familiar face when you’re in a foreign locale.

The down side is that I have to wait another week to get settled in and start work in Saint Marc. It will be nice to unpack and start getting into a daily routine. There is a family practice residency program starting here, and apparently I will be a part of the team responsible for teaching the residents. I am looking forward to meeting them and finding out what role I will play and what sort of work lies ahead!

In the meanwhile I’ll keep on taking notes, speaking kreyòl, and enjoying the great company.

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