Celebrity, and learning the everyday

Cange attracts some high-profile visitors, both from within the organization itself and celebrity-wise, and it has been interesting to see them around. Overall everyone has been very gracious and nice. We have had a few chances to interact. It feels a bit surreal to be sitting around drinking coffee with the founders of the organization, but it is also really nice to connect with people who far outrank me but share my views and passions when it comes to our work here. I think the most is-this-really-happening moment, though, was last night when the guy behind it all poured me a rum and coke at a nice gathering at his house. If you had told me a year ago, before I knew I would get this fellowship, that I’d be having drinks in Haiti with the group that was gathered there, I’d never have believed it.

It is exciting to rub elbows with such big names, but my focus has been more on learning how to function as a reasonable pediatrician in Haiti. I admitted my first patient from clinic yesterday, and got a lesson in medical French in the process. This morning’s admission went more smoothly, and I started to feel like maybe I’m getting a bit of a handle on how to do this. I’m really thankful to the patient docs here who have been training me in all the ins and outs of pediatric practice here. They’ve mentioned some of the challenges that arise here too. It’s good to hear their perspective and know that they will be offering their support if when I need it.

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  1. Karen Stockmal

     /  January 14, 2012

    Hi, Sara! We are enjoying following your journey through your blog! It is great to hear the daily ins and outs of what it is like to be there and how you are doing. We really admire your tenacity and courage. Keep writing!! Much love from Philly, Karen and Greg

  2. Thanks Karen and Greg! It’s great to have your support. Writing is a way for me to put some of this into perspective, and it’s great to look back later and see where I’ve been and how things change with time. I love you guys.


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