Today I finally made it to Saint Marc! It was a long and interesting day, and I’m sure I will have plenty to say about it once I’ve had a good night of sleep. For now I will just say I’m glad to be working with some good people, and that I am already learning lots. For instance, you can provide scales in the pediatric unit, but that doesn’t guarantee that anyone – not even the “roughly 1kg” preemie – will actually get weighed.

It was both an overwhelming and exciting day. Definitely discouraging at times as well, but I am looking at it as lots of room for improvement. Anpil, as they say in kreyòl. Anpil means, roughly translated – plenty, or a lot. Tons. So, nou gen anpil timoun – we have lots of children! Or li bwe anpil – he drinks plenty. Or less exciting, li tusse anpil anpil – he coughs so so much!

So, I’ve got anpil tasks ahead of me, and fortunately anpil support in doing them. It’s going to be an interesting 6 months, that’s for sure.

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  1. Karen Stockmal

     /  January 19, 2012

    Hi Sara,
    Your post made me think of one of my favorite quotes, ““I am always doing things I can’t do. That is how I get to do them.” -Pablo Picasso. Hang in there. You are amazing. We love you tons! Karen

  2. Enjoying your posts, know you are quite capable and will adapt. Best of luck! Lisbet


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