Today was another crazy day. 55 inpatients and a handful of admissions – a few of them sick – will do that. From a child with SVT and a possible ingestion to a week-old 970 gram premature baby who had been living at home (and doing surprisingly well!) the day was full of activity. I had to refer a baby to another hospital for surgical evaluation, and another child with kidney and brain issues proved to be more of a mystery than I’d initially thought.

The day was more bearable because I had E, my translator, L, my invaluable assistant, R, an ER physician with valuable global health experience to share both in person and via phone consult, and M, another ER physician (here teaching an ultrasound course) who actually stayed late today to help me by seeing about a dozen of my patients. I also had comments and emails from family and friends, friendly texts/calls from my housemates, and movie night tonight at the house.

So even though it was crazy and busy and a really long day, I feel thankful to have ended the day feeling so supported. I am still processing all the events of yesterday, and how best to approach things moving forward, but it’s nice to know that so many people, both here in Haiti and in the US (and Canada!), are supporting me.

Tomorrow is my day off, and I am excited to get to unwind and enjoy some down time. Happy weekend, all!

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