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The internet has been really spotty here lately, so I haven’t been able to update.  I tried to post last night, but it didn’t go through.

I wanted to give an update to my last post – I talked with the nurse who’d said those things, and we reviewed the protocol.  I pointed out the parts that supported my actions, and she seemed to understand why I’d done what I did.  She also said that she’d not meant to say that I was responsible for the child’s death – she would never say such a thing.  I wasn’t going to argue with her – she’s one of our better nurses, and I want to get along well with the staff at the hospital.

So things are okay with her and I now, and I’m feeling much better about my role at the hospital.  It’s still a lot of responsibility, but that’s what being a doctor is about.  The nurses have seemed a bit more inclined to work with me this week, and as my Creole improves I think that will only get better.  They even asked me to leave my phone number this afternoon, in case anything came up after I’d left.  It’s good to know that they feel that they can call me if they need something.

For now I’m going to be focusing on providing good care as well as teaching the Family Practice residents who have begun their rotations through the hospital.  I enjoy teaching, so I am looking forward to working with them.  If we can teach the residents to do things “the right way,” I think it will be a great opportunity to improve the care we provide.

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  1. Barbara

     /  February 8, 2012

    That all sounds very good, Sara. things are definitely looking up.

    Love Aunt Barbara


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