What time is it?

Today proved a very confusing but overall relaxing day.  I didn’t have work this weekend, so I got to go to the beach – a very welcome diversion!  However, there was a great deal of confusion over Daylight Savings time.  Haiti has not observed Daylight savings time since 2005/2006.  However, with a new president in power, there was some debate over whether this pattern would continue.  

Yesterday, the day before the day the clocks change, President Martelly apparently decided that he did want Haiti to change the clocks this year after all.  However, there is no local television station that I know of, and nobody watches TV (most families don’t own one), there is no daily newspaper readily available (probably partly due to lack of infrastructure to support distribution of a paper and partly due to the high illiteracy rate in Haiti), and our house does not possess a radio.  So, you can see where the confusion might come in.

I heard a rumor that one of the Haitian doctors who lives in my house got a text from Martelly himself confirming the Daylight Savings decision, and today we got an email from our in-country coordinator confirming that yes – Haiti is saving daylight once again.  Don’t forget to change your clocks everyone!

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  1. Hello Sara,
    Thought I’d say hello, knowing how busy you are, a quick response is not necessary. We are thinking and talking about you all the time and hope your return to business was much more under control than the previous few months.

    Uncle Dick


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