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I haven’t written in quite a while. I actually had a post ready to go about two weeks ago, then lost Internet access and never got to post it. I will try to resurrect it this weekend. Since then I’ve been busy and a bit caught up inside my own head. Anyone who has emailed me recently can vouch for this too. I’ve just been hibernating when it comes to life outside of Saint Marc.

We had some wonderful visiting neonatal nurses here, which gave me some hope re: what might be done in our neonatal rooms here, but talking with them about all the shortcomings — all the seemingly insurmountable challenges standing between my patients and good care — was a bit like tearing the metaphorical band-aid off a second time. The initial shock and discouragement that I felt when I’d first arrived had dulled a bit after I’d gotten used to being here a while. But having two new caring professionals come in and experience it for the first time made it all new to me again. Newly shocking, newly frustrating – I found myself feeling pretty low despite my enjoyment of their excellent teaching and camaraderie.

So I’m digging my way out of the hole I’ve fallen into, which means I’m going to get back to writing, back to doing all those little things I do for me. So. I’m back. Back to writing, back to life.

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  1. Barbara

     /  March 31, 2012

    Hi Sara,
    I can imagine how frustrated you must feel about the lack of resources to help your little patients. In the states, we do not have the void of organization, we are
    used to seamless high quality medical care and expect good outcomes. Just remember that they are fortunate to have you there to help. You are giving your all and that is all you can do.
    It is good to hear from you again and we are proud of your humanitarianism.
    Aunt Barbara

    • Thanks Aunt Barbara. The US has its own set of health care issues, but it can get tough dealing with these challenges. I appreciate the support.


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