Good from tragedy

As I mentioned briefly in a comment on my previous post about the boy with the stroke, unfortunately he died later that night. However, I have been heartened by the cardiac surgery team’s response. They acknowledged that he had fallen through the cracks and sent out a urgent email renewing their commitment to prioritize tracking down those patients who have been “lost” along the way. In the days since his death they located 24 of 50 such patients, and are working to mobilize more resources to devote to finding those kids. As one person noted, we sometimes lose sight of the importance of clerical work (keeping track of patients) in the urgency of the day-to-day work here, but it is just as important.

That clerical, more longitudinal approach is one that I am working on cultivating. Organization can be a challenge for me even under the best circumstances, and it is so easy to lose sight of any one particular patient within the chaos of a busy day or week here. But I am trying to keep better notes for myself, set clear priorities, and keep track of the patients I’ve made varied commitments to.

It is an ongoing process, but I think I’m getting better at it – little by little. Piti piti.

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